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Welcome to your #1 Resource for Myrtle Beach, S.C. real estate and homes for sale. If your looking for a hidden beach property gem you have found the right place. From long hot summers to very mild winters. Tourism strives all year long up to 14.6 million visitors a year. The locals enjoys endless forms of entertainment from shopping, relaxing and events planned every year annually. Current market trends for Myrtle Beach have been slowly been rising from the beginning of January 2012. At the height of the market in 2000 the price per Sq.Ft was $546 now all home buyers are excited to see them drop to around $100. If your in the market for a fantastic beach home you have found the perfect city with great value.

Finding The Right Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Realtor

Choosing the right Myrtle Beach realtor when looking to buy your first home is important for a number of reasons. It is not just about being well placed in identifying homes that are priced affordable but just as well for the sake of convenience. It is especially important to have a good professional if you are looking to buy a property that is currently foreclosed as the details below show presently. The need for a good real estate agent is especially important considering that homes that have been under foreclosure are sold by banks and other financial institutions rather than by the previous owner or by an agency. This factor calls for special considerations that only an experienced agent is well placed in providing. It is therefore imperative that you make your choice with sufficient caution.

Invariably, banks will appoint their own estate agents to help sell the property they have regained control of from previous owners. This agent is likely to be selling a number of properties at diverse locations on behalf of the lending institution. It is therefore not inconceivable that they may not have visited all the properties in person. As such, your interests will be best served if you look for a professional value of your own choosing rather than depending on the bank's agent. Almost by convention, homes that have been foreclosed for a period of time look unkempt and will often have the yard and garden overgrown with weeds. As with all appearances, this picture can be deceiving. A good house may have gone to a state of disrepair but still possess good qualities. A practiced and reasonably professional eye will help you evaluate whether the damage is too much to reverse without undergoing considerable loss.

Agent Training and Certification

Granted, there are some realtors who undergo further training in order to gain experience in dealing with foreclosed property. There is a certificate course offered by leading certifying bodies that evaluate proficiency of realtors. It is entirely understandable to ask prospective real estate agents if the have this certificate before securing their services. With the property marketing still reeling under the effects of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, there are many houses coming on the market that are under foreclosure. As such, just about every real estate agent who has been in active practice over the last five years will have gained some sort of experience in helping to sell or buy such property. The need for them to have special certification must therefore sound a bit superfluous unless you are a very punctilious home buyer.

Should You Buy a Foreclosure?

Although homes under foreclosure often feature below-market price tags, this may be misleading. If the home is in a bad state of disrepair, it may cost too much to put it back in the right shape that you would rather buy a completely new home. The realtor should help you determine if this is the case by assisting you to estimate the cost of repairs effectively. Considering that there are many foreclosed property offers coming up on the market, you should move fast. In all probability, this may be as good an opportunity as you will ever get to buy a home at a fraction of its real value. Your quest will be off on the right track by choosing the right realtor to handle the negotiations on your behalf.

Top 5 Reasons People Love Beach Real Estate

There are many reasons why owning a beach home is on the top of everyones dreams of buying real estate. Everyone has their own reasons why purchasing a beach house is so popular. Here is a list of some of out top reasons why we love beach real estate.

1. When living near the beach one seems to feel like you are on a constant vacation.

2. Investing in a home with an ocean view or being close to the beach brings great value to your property.

3. The social interaction with many great new people is like no other location during summertime.

4. Living close to the beach makes it very easy to get a good quality run and exercise with great scenery.

5. During peak seasons many people enjoy the benefits of renting there home out for a few weeks to bring in great income.


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Secret Beach Towns

We love our families, we love our homes, we love our country, some of us love our jobs, most of us love to have fun, and the majority of us human beings love a variety of things unique to ourselves based on tastes, preferences and what we behold as beauty; we love life itself. Most real estate agents will tell you, if asked, that they love the real estate business; and experience has taught me that this love for the business of real estate – shared by many agents, brokers and investors – is real. But how much about the business has to do with the real estate itself? And what is there about real estate to love?

It’s a question which might be answered in different ways depending on who it is asked of. Some folks have a fondness for the architecture, others have a deep and abiding appreciation for the land; and still others savor the beauty of a given landscape. History has shown that many pioneering settlers loved entire tracts of land, they loved it enough to fight for it, stay with it, build on it, nurture it, and make it their home. It became a region, city or town; and it was often named and then renamed, but it was always the real estate they loved.

Residents of Aptos, CA love their community, a relatively small town that located on the “sunny side” of  Monterey Bay in the unincorporated area of Santa Cruz County, and was home to a population of 6,220 at the 2010 census. The community has no doubt grown a little by now (January 2013, the writing of this article), but the growth is perhaps based on an attraction to the Aptos lifestyle which is not typical to other cities or towns in the country, because whether you love the great outdoors or city life, you’ll find the kind of variety that appeals to your lifestyle preferences here in Aptos.

Aptos is home to both the The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park and Seacliff State Beach California state parks. Nisene Marks is popular with hikers and mountain bikers, and many Aptos beaches are popular spots for surfing and body boarding. Aptos is also a popular spot for Free ride biking and street skateboarding. As a gateway to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Aptos also boasts a number of great nature attractions, museums, fine dining and some great shopping.

Home values in Aptos has also defied the regressive nature of prices across the nation as a result of the “great recession” that gripped the nation in recent years (2007 to 2011?) by demonstrating a steady rise in the Median Price Per Sq. Ft. from $327 in 2077 to $367 in 2008, $437 in 2009, $463 in 2010 and $396 in 2011 according to the Aptos, CA Market Statistics published on Movoto website at – and according to the United States’ Census Bureau, the Homeownership rate between 2007 and 2011 held steady at 72.6%, while in the entire state of California it stood at 56.7% for the same period.

Within Aptos there are a number of communities which includes Aptos Village, Seacliff, Rio Del Mar, Seascape, La Selva Beach and Day Valley, among others; and homeowners enjoy a variety of residential living styles ranging from single family homes and estates to homes in planned communities which offer residents of this lovely community, scenic views and close proximity to the ocean. But there’s more in Aptos, that explains why people love Aptos, CA real estate.

Aptos is also a town of artists, having as residents more artists, designers and people working in media than 90% of the communities in America. This concentration of artists helps shape Aptos’s character. In addition, Aptos has more people living here who work in computers and math than 95% of the places in the US, with a relatively large number (15.11%) of this workforce consisting of people who work from their home; and the average travel time to work, for workers (age 16 and over) who do not work at home, was 24.5 minutes during the period from 2007 to 2011, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Aptos Park is the site of the annual Aptos Blues Festival, and as such, plays host to many well-known performers like Robert Cray, Coco Montoya, Elvin Bishop, Sista Monica, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Charlie Musselwhite, Bonnie Raitt, and Al Green. Aptos may not be a big city – and it’s unlikely it ever wants to be considered in that regard – but having its own unique version of well-established businesses like the Rancho Del Mar shopping center which houses the theater, and a local favorite like 30 year old Erik’s DeliCafe, as well as Taqueria Sofia’s and Manuel’s Restaurant, a well-known landmark that has been serving Mexican food for over 30 years. All this and more can be found in Aptos, CA.

There are all great reasons for residents of this one-of-a-kind, “Butterfly Town” community to so profoundly love Aptos, CA real estate; but there are as many reasons why tourists and other visitors would love the architecture, landscape and the land in general. Yes, in Aptos the beaches are great, the food is great, the entertainment is great, the climate is great, life is great; all this is great because the real estate is great and people just love it.

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Sumter Real Estate

Sumter is located 100 miles from Myrtle Beach.  The Average sale price Per Sq.Ft is is $68.

The trend of short sale and foreclosures buyers are capitalizing in find great home values. The average short sale can take anywhere from 1-9 months. The median sale price has dropped to $118,00 dollars in the past few months. The Current number of homes on the market is 1041 as of Aug 2012.


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Mount Pleasant Real Estate

Mount Pleasant price per Sq.Ft. $160, rose 3.2% since this time last year. The average sale price is $311,000 compares to 500 homes.

Luxury Real Estate Agents sells exquisite homes in premier locations in Mount Pleasant. Through a combination of sophisticated marketing techniques and unparalleled access, agents are able to unite buyers with luxury homes at the right prices. The agents are skilled professionals with deep expertise in luxury property listings and insightful local knowledge. These experts are always dedicated to offer high quality service no matter the requirements.

Never has it been more difficult to be a realty agent than it is today. The experts keep checking on the significant technological industrial changes and at the time they deal with cultural and social upheavals. In the last 20 years, technological innovations such as the Internet, personal computers, fax machines, and cellular telephones have given practitioners faster access to more information. These marvelous inventions have revolutionized the brokerage business and changed the way agents handle their day-to-day business. Also, social changes have greatly transformed the real property marketplace.

These demographic changes have had an enormous impact on the property marketplace. They also provide various opportunities that people have to be prepared for. New technology means provide their customers and clients with more information faster. Social and cultural changes can lead to new markets for residential and commercial property. Social, demographic, and technological change particularly rapid change can be challenging and stressful. If new technology creates faster access to more information, it also demands higher education and more critical thinking skills

These professionals understand well that is they follow the law when doing their duties, otherwise they may be found guilty of fraud and negligence. These professionals must make sure that on all forms of communication, including Web Pages and email, that their status as licensees and office affiliation are clear. Listing information that is posted electronically must also be updated frequently. Spamming, copyright infringement, and unlicensed activity are other issues that state regulators are investigating.

Realty agents have influential roles in the community. Among other concerns, they preserve neighborhood values, lobby for favorable tax legislation, oppose detrimental land use and support environmentally friendly building methods, control growth, and support planning. Responding unethically to these challenges risks irreparable harm to the community and injures the credibility of all real estate professionals in that community.

These experts treat members of the public fairly, not only with respect to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, handicap, and family status, but also with respect to other differences. Agents also respect cultural differences among their clients and customers. In some markets, learning a second language or taking courses about working with a diverse clientele may be helpful and appropriate. Such good services attract many clients from all over the world.

The real estate profession has the potential to influence the real estate market should be beyond debate. A true professional, at the very least, tries to ensure that properties in a market are correctly valued. Unsophisticated home buyers expect guidance on finding the best fit between affordability and the lifestyle they seek. Increasingly, the market is going to have to balance lifestyle desires and affordability against the reality of resource limitations. An informed, educated real estate professional has the potential to shape a much more sustainable and livable market than exists at present.

One way that real estate professionals reach consumers is advertising. Practitioners ensure that their advertising complies with state laws and does not deceive or misrepresent. For example, properties that have closed or are off the market should not be advertised to generate leads. Licensees who want to purchase property for themselves should make it clear to the sellers early on that they are real estate experts to level the playing field and give the sellers opportunity to obtain assistance and representation, if necessary. Licensees who act as sellers should also disclose as soon as possible that they have special knowledge that could place prospective buyers at a disadvantage.

Real estate practitioners in Mount Pleasant have a responsibility to advice clients and customers of any limitation in their expertise. For example, licensees who are asked to handle the sale of a business but have no experience in business brokerage should advise the client of their limited expertise. These experts showcase the finest real estate and work with the finest brokers in the industry.

Luxury Real Estate Agents in Mount Pleasant unlock the door to exclusive estates and spectacular housing. The help their customers locate golf course estate, alpine chalet and ocean front dream homes. Many residents contact them for assistance in locating comfortable homes and offices.

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